Electric Vehicle Charging Point Earth Mat Kit


This copper mat earthing solution is ideal for both new and existing properties where an electric vehicle charging point is to be fitted.

Installing this copper earth mat as opposed to a traditional earth rod/s significantly reduces potential issues that could be encountered when excavating adjacent to a property where many underground services that feed a dwelling can prove difficult to locate and confirm in terms of both their route and depth.

In addition, this earth mat will deliver a higher success rate when it comes to achieving the required resistance to earth reading when compared to traditional earth rods.

Installing the earth mat option is also a straight forward operation that could be completed entirely by hand digging increasing the all round safety and ease of the installation.

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In accordance with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, EVCP’s installed on a PME / TNCS supply require an independent earth in specific circumstances. (We would always recommend expert advice is sought from a competent suitably qualified and experienced electricial contractor or designer).

The Electric Vehicle Charging Point Earth Mat Kit includes a stainless steel connection point, 3m of pvc sheathed copper conductor and 10No. clips, gun metal connection clamp, 900x900mm 25x3mm copper lattice earth mat and 2No. 25kg bags of solid setting conductive aggregate. (Please note there is no next day before 10am delivery option on this item).

This is the ideal earthing arrangement where the location of underground services are unknown. Please contact us if you require an installation service.

A Generic installation diagram is available on request please use ‘contact us’ or call 0115 9862415.

Simple Installation Guide

  • Prior to excavation t is essential to establish there are no underground services in the vicinity. Hand digging is always recommended.
  • Excavate a 950mm x 950mm square to a minimum depth of 600mm.
  • A suitable channel to take the conductor to the building wall should also be formed at 600mm depth wherever possible.
  • Remove approx. 50mm of sheathing from the earth tape and connect to the earth mat using the square clamp making sure the screws are tight, the sheathing is not trapped, and there is no movement between the tape and the lattice mat.
  • Mix one full bag of conductive aggregate with water until a stiff mortar like consistency is achieved. Be careful not to over water.
  • Cover the base of the excavation with the mix.
  • Place the lattice earth mat on top of the conductive aggregate mix.
  • Mix the 2nd bag of conductive aggregate with water until a stiff mortar like consistency is achieved and cover the lattice mat.
  • Backfill and compact the excavation making sure the conductive aggregate mix in not forced out into the channel which accommodates the earth tape.
  • Secure the earth tape to the wall using the conductor clips which ‘snap’ shut.
  • Cut the earth tape to length, remove approx. 25mm of sheathing, form an M10 hole and bolt to the bottom of the stainless steel test clamp.
  • Mount the stainless steel test clamp to the wall.
  • Test the resistance to earth of the completed installation before a connection is made to the EVCP installation.
  • The required resistance to earth should be calculated by a suitably qualified electrical contractor using the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations and the latest version of IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment and Installation.
  • A suitably qualified electrical contractor must be used to connect the EVCP installation to the top of the stainless stell test clamp. Specific electrical safety rules regarding EVCP earthing apply and must be adhered to.

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Weight 52 kg

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