Project Name: Brandy Bridge

Project Address: Abercanaid, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 1YF

Concrete Repair System: StoCrete TV308, TG203 Repair mortar & TF204 fairing coat

Description of activity

Continued works to Brandy Bridge with StoCrete TV308 and now with the application of StoCrete TG203 and TF204 Fairing coat.

PPE requirements

  • Hard hats
  • Safety boots
  • Hi-vis Orange full Clothing
  • Safety gloves
  • Safety glasses


Works progressing well repair works have now taken place to the support columns of the Bridge with Stocrete TV308 and TG203 repair mortar for repairing the holes left by the letterbox shutter. Whilst on site I observed the application of StoCrete TF204 fairing coat to the bridge beam exposed ends this application will give further protection to the concrete and imbedded reinforcing steel.

Brandy Bridge 1

StoCrete TG203 used to repair bridge abutment wall.

Brandy Bridge 3 Brandy Bridge 2

Letterbox opening at the top of shutter on bridge columns. Typical StoCrete TG203 repair after concrete has been recast with StoCrete TG203 below the repair.

Brandy Bridge 4

Repaired column with StoCrete TV308

Brandy Bridge 5

Chases in the concrete ready to receive cathodic protection, also StoCrete TV308 repairs with further shuttering below.

Brandy Bridge 6

Mixing StoCrete TF204 fairing coat.

Brandy Bridge 7

Applying StoCrete TF204

Brandy Bridge 8

StoCrete TF204 being applied to the beam ends

Brandy Bridge 9

StoCrete TF204

Brandy Bridge 10

StoCrete TF204 being applied to the soffit of the beam ends

Brandy Bridge 11

StoCrete TF204 being finished to a paint grade finish

Brandy Bridge 12

StoCrete TF204 finished ready to receive anti-carbonation coatings


The works at Brandy Bridge is progressing well. Next site visit will be for the application StoCryl Anti-carbonation coatings.