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Having maintained the 3no 50m brick lined steel DC chimneys at Arconic in Birmingham for over 20 years, Churchills have been awarded the contract to remove all three structures.

The chimneys are no longer required following the investment by Arconic, in a new improved production process.

The chimneys will be dismantled in a highly controlled fashion with the use of mobile cranes kept to an absolute minimum.

The chimneys are on the direct flight path of Birmingham airport who actually use the chimneys as a reference point for aircraft taking off and landing at Birmingham

One of the issues using mobile cranes to dismantle the chimneys would see a requirement for the crane jib to be at a height above that of the chimneys. This has the potential to cause real operation issues for the airport, hence the methodology to be applied that will see the chimneys dismantled without the need for mobile cranes.

Churchills dismantling rig will be installed at the summit of each chimney and will slide down the outside of each chimney as the dismantling process sees each chimney removed in a piecemeal fashion.

The contract will be completed over a period of 3 months and will see a 6+ Churchill strong team in attendance.

Fo more information on our Specialist dismantling methods please contact us at enquiries@churchillsc.co.uk