In addition to having established ourselves as a respected and trusted specialist within the construction industry, Churchill Specialist Contracting is also accepted as a major force in the supply and delivery of Lightning Protection, Earthing and Height Safety equipment via our unique online e-Commerce facility enabling both private and commercial customers alike to purchase a full range of equipment, quickly and conveniently from the comfort of their own home or office environment.

Working in partnership with the industry’s most respected leading manufacturers and suppliers which, together with our own house technical expertise born from years of installation practices, means we are able to offer a customer service that is second to none for customers who purchase materials and equipment from us.

In attempt to offer as wide a range of services as possible, CSC Ltd is also able to offer a full range of ESE (early streamer emission) devices and accessories. Whilst it is common knowledge within our industry that ESE devices are not recognised by lightning protection British Standards past and present, it is accepted that in certain circumstances and to satisfy a particular clients requirements, ESE devices are considered an alternative to a traditional lightning protection system.

Since the advent of the latest Lightning Protection British Standard, BSEN 62305 first released in 2006 and revised recently in 2011, providing a lightning protection system is now a complex process.

One common misconception is that the provision of Surge Protection Devices are still optional as they were in the previous British Standard BS6651 which was fully withdrawn in 2008, or that the main distribution board is provided with a Surge Protection Device (SPD) so there is no further need for SPDs elsewhere.

Working with our suppliers we are able to dispel this myth and offer understandable and logical guidance on where SPDs should be considered and which type. In short any SPD must be rated according to the magnitude of the expected lightning discharge it is designed to resist in order to provide the protection of both personnel and the equipment alike. Some devices already built into distribution boards, by their manufacturers, may not satisfy this requirement.

In addition to the main incomer all services entering or leaving a building such as telephone lines, data cables, cctv systems, roof mounted equipment ect, should all be provided with a suitable SPD in order for compliance with BSEN62305 2011 and protected against the primary risk ‘R1’, identified by the code, “loss of human life”.