Churchill have increased their fleet to include a total of eight hybrid and plug in company vehicles.

Over the five three years the company will aim to have over 80% of company vehicles powered by electric as part of our efforts to drastically reduce our carbon foot print.

As part of this focused reduction emphasis is being placed on reducing the amount of miles covered annually by the business that is currently in excess of one million. This is being achieved by improving planning to encourage fewer work journeys with one of the commitments to offer incentives to employees to stay in accommodation to reduce daily commuting.

At our Nottingham HQ solar panels now generate our own electricity to power the increasing number of company plug in vehicles, which greatly helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Having recently completed our first stage visit with LRQA, Churchill are confident that we shortly add ISO 14001 to both our ISO 9001 & ISO 45001 accreditation with LRQA, How we produce our own energy and operate upwards of 45 vehicles is obviously a big challenge we face in achieving ISO 14001