The £16.8 million pound project constructing a new reservoir adjacent to the site of the original reservoir at Ambergate, started in April 2014. Being commissioned over 100 years ago, the Victorian reservoir was nearing the end of its life.

Severn Trent Water invested twenty years in conducting studies as to whether to refurbish or replace the asset. Construction of a new reservoir was chosen as the best engineering and economic solution.  NMCNomenca were chosen to replace the existing reservoir with two new structures, which together will increase the storage capacity of the reservoir.

The first structure built next to the existing reservoir measures 138m long and 100m wide. This will be able to store two-thirds of the required capacity for the completed project. When this is brought into service, the existing structure will be demolished and building works on the second reservoir will commence within its footprint. With 100,000m3 of material needed to be excavated over the life of the scheme, this will be designated and stockpiled for re-profiling of the site on completion.

As the contract neared completion and testing of the reservoir was undertaken including part filling the reservoir, it became evident that a number of construction joints were not fully sealed.

Churchill’s Enviro division were approached and awarded the contract to address these weak areas and seal the construction joints, which was successfully completed by Churchill’s leak sealing team.

Ambergate Reservoir