Hilti On Track

Churchill have commissioned the Hilti On Track tagging system capturing more than 1000 assets. The Hilti On Track system improves the companies ability to track critical items of equipment and plant that require regular servicing and testing including Loler & PAT testing.

The system provides notifications that testing of equipment is due and helps ensure that all equipment and plant operated by the business are always in test. The system also provides the ability for our site teams, via the Hilti On Track App, to scan with their smart phones all items via a unique bar code placed on all company assets. This function acts as an additional layer of security ensuring that any asset set to be used by an employee is in test.

In addition the system also allows for all Churchill operatives training records to be displayed remotely on site and the ability for all training records to be updated and as with the critical items of plant and equipment, notifications issued providing a warning that an operatives qualification will soon be up for renewal or refresher.