Churchill are proud to have been selected by United Living to partner them for the regeneration contract which is part of the Wolverhampton Strategic Construction Partnership for Wolverhampton Homes on behalf of Wolverhampton City Council.

This contract award comes hot on the heels of the 24 month contract recently completed by Churchill’s at Merridale which culminated in the site project manager winning a coveted project of the year award within a £2 Billion t/o business.

The portfolio of the Heath Town project includes 23,500 tenanted dwellings, 2,000 leaseholds, 2,300 TMO (Tennant Managed Organisations), 5,000 garages and 270 shops.

As part of a 15 year programme Churchill’s contract will run from January 2018 through to December 2020 and will focus on the external concrete repair and redecoration of properties. In addition a Specialist Works package will include the structural repair and refurbishment of low, medium and high risk stock plus balcony repair.

The contract will continue through to 31st March 2028 during which time most if not all of the above referenced properties will have been addressed.

For further information on this project or to discuss your project requirements in the first instance please call Jim Cooper on 07471 952554