ChurchillSC Ltd are set to report on a record year that will see turn over increase from £4.7M in 2016 to £6.0M with a net profit of circa 10%.

The current years performance builds upon a trend that has seen significant growth in a relatively short period of time that as recent as 2013 saw the business report on a turnover of £3.5M.

The latest increase is due in the main to the performance of its Enviro division whilst being supported by a strong year from the Steeplejack division and following major restructuring in 2017, a solid contribution from the lightning protection & earthing division.

Budgets were set to achieve an ambitious increase to £5.9M of sales for the current year which we are very pleased to report will be met and surpassed.

With a number of large projects in the pipeline for the forthcoming year, the immediate future for the business looks promising with continued organic growth of sales and profit forecast to be achieved through 2018.