Recognising that industrial chimney work continues to be on the decline, the latest example of Churchill’s strategic business development plan to diverse into other sectors and in so doing maximise our specialist access skills has seen Churchill’s specialist access division complete the installation of a bespoke high level modular platform from which Churchill’s Enviro team will undertake structural waterproofing to a concrete lined shaft 42.0m deep x 11.0m in diameter.

The specialist modular platform designed and installed by Churchill s reduced the cost of accessing the structure using traditional scaffold methods by over 60% by reducing the installation & removal time by upwards of five weeks with considerably less plant and material with the installation of our system and all completed by a Churchill three man site installation team.


The Steeplejack & Enviro work currently being undertaken is an extension of the current two year contract in place which has seen Churchill’s earthing division supply and install earthing and lightning protection to all of the 12no shafts and 25 miles of tunnels constructed as part of the LPT project.


1                     2

Modular Scaffold Installed – Lights Fitted                         Modular scaffold completed

3                     4

Completed Modular With Lights Installed             Modular viewed from the shaft bottom