The importance of lightning protection has been recognised in the UK since 1985 when the British Standard was completely revised and built into the majority of electrical specifications for all UK new build projects, and for good reason.

It is essential for the protection of our structures, their contents and the lives of its occupants. As such, annual maintenance is a vital part of any systems longevity, efficiency, and our safety, even more so since the advent of BSEN 62305 which was first published in 2006, revised in 2011.

Danger exists not only from a direct strike to a structure from a lightning discharge of up to 200KA, but indirect strikes can cause havoc to our internal electrical equipment and cost us thousands in unnecessary and avoidable loss of production and insurance claims.

Annual test, inspection and maintenance is often overlooked when a new build project is handed over to its client, but at what cost?

• Lightning Protection is fundamentally installed to reduce the risk of “loss of human life” and “loss of service to the public”.
• Maintenance of the Lightning Protection System is often a requirement of the building insurances.
• The electricity at work regulations 1989 states that “all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, danger”.
• The effectiveness of the Lightning Protection System may be reduced over time due to physical damage, corrosion, adverse weather conditions, or as a result of additions or alterations to the building under protection.

Churchill Specialist Contracting Ltd are a driving force in leading our industry in the correct implementation of BSEN 62305 2011 and are dedicated and resourced to offer a technical and professional service to our current and future customer base. In addition to our range of extensive services, we are dedicated to providing a Test Inspection and Maintenance program which can be tailored to a customer’s particular needs for what is a crucial part of any structures ongoing maintenance.

As a recognised and well respected NVQ provider to our industry, Churchill’s are able to provide NVQ Level 3 qualification for Lightning Protection Test and Inspection Engineers, which has been developed in conjunction with ATLAS, the Training Group and the CITB National Training College.