Throughout history lightning has always been seen as extraordinary and has intrigued people. Even today people are astonished of the power of lightning and the images it produces.

Lightning featured in the news once again recently, when a bolt of lightning struck the Empire State Building in New York City. Many people in awe of this force of nature captured the moment on their cameras during a series of thunderstorms affecting the city. Countless numbers of these people will be perhaps unaware of the danger of these brilliant bolts of light, despite them being an exciting object of photography.

According to the National Weather Service the Empire State Building is annually struck by lightning on average twenty three times. This startling fact reinforces the need for buildings such as this to have installed lightning protection systems, without which they could potentially be destroyed. These systems protect the fabric and content of buildings and structures if they are affected by a lightning strike.

These protection systems can be easily installed by specialist contracting companies such as Churchill, who will assess the building in question and provide adequate safety constructions.

Having an earth termination system provides protection not only for your building but also for the occupants of the building, making it an essential instalment in workplaces. External grid arrangement lightning protection systems are also commonly employed which is designed and applied in order to confer protection depending on the risk associated with the building.

It is important to remember that although lightning can be amazing to watch it can also be exceptionally destructive making lightning protection a necessity.