One of the most important components of any lightning protection system is the actual lightning conductor. Conductors are available in two different materials, aluminium and copper and a range of different widths, the most common width used in the UK is 25x3mm.

Designers of lightning protection system will establish the correct width and length from the formulas needed to design the system to ensure the down conductors are capable of transferring the energy and forces of a lightning protection strike safely to earth.

To assist architects and designers of buildings conductors are also available in a wide selection of PVCs lightning protection is required for modern buildings there are a range of pvc covered colours for both aluminium and copper conductor tape. These colours such as black, green, grey, stone, white and brown have been selected to blend in with most modern buildings so the aesthetic impact of the conductor is reduced.

Conductors are also available in flat, solid circular and stranded versions. Flat tape lightning conductors are the most traditional and is also considered to be the easiest to install and where a degree of flexibility is required in a conductor there is also the option of fitting a copper braid.

Solid circular conductors are usually used in conditions where the aesthetic considerations are important, the solid circular conductors are still fairly easy to install but unlike the flat tape systems a straightening tool is required to achieve the desired finish, although it is rarely used in large applications there is also the option of using a stranded cable conductors.
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