The £65M refurbishment of dwellings at Heath Town Wolverhampton which commenced in 2018 and is scheduled to be ongoing through to beyond 2024, has seen a requirement beginning January 2019, for Churchill’s to increase their site presence to 15 full time staff.

As more properties are made available the number of full time Churchill staff will continue to increase with Churchills maintaining the largest site presence of any contractor throughout the duration of the project.

The wide ranging scope of the services being currently delivered on site at Heath Town by Churchills, which is set to increase, currently captures 26 different tasks including but not limited to civil engineering, demolition & dismantling, concrete repair, and the application of specialist coatings.

The project at Heath Town builds upon the successful delivery of a similar project for Wolverhampton Homes completed in 2018 by Churchills which resulted in the project team of the main contractor Wates, winning a converted award for best national project.

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