Churchill SC Ltd has recently become an approved UK installer of  the Liquid Rubber cold spray seamless roofing and encapsulating membrane system

The  product is manufactured in the UK  and was originally developed by Lafarge in Canada, a country where it has proven its credentials for over 30 years in extreme environments, its introduction into the UK is however relatively recent. The product is a cold spray applied seamless waterproofing/encapsulating system that can be applied to almost any surface.

The system has many uses and can be applied to almost any surface and in some US states it has also been licensed for use with potable water, other advantages of the system include;-

  1. a)Significant cost savings compared to other traditional roofing alternatives more than halving the labour input on site and greatly reducing material cost.
  1. b)  Spray Applied Membranes are supported by a 20 year product performance guarantee
  1. c)The system can be applied to existing felt, asbestos, asphalt, concrete, steel and even glass surfaces.
  1. d)When applied to existing asbestos roofs it not only provides a water tight seamless membrane guaranteed for 20 years, it also serves to reduce the risks associated with asbestos sheeted roofs. This product can also be applied to the underside of asbestos sheets to fully encapsulate the asbestos roof both externally and internally. When the time then comes in the future to remove the asbestos roof sheets, its simply a case of running a knife down the over lapping joint of each sheet prior to removing the sheets using traditional methods
  1. e)As a non-toxic product, free from solvents and VOC’s, the system is safe to work with and non-harmful to aquatic life boasting excellent environmental credentials.
  1. f)As a liquid applied system it increases the speed of detailing work and by forming a single fully bonded membrane further reduces the chance of failure at points of detailing, improving performance over other traditional methods. Furthermore the product has the ability to heal itself where a minor puncture occurs and is easy to repair should damage be sustained, remaining still a seamless system.
  1. g)No Joints or Seams – The product is a single application, seamless membrane that fully bonds to the surface eliminating water tracking and weaknesses encountered by joints and seams. This eliminates most failures commonly associated with other systems.
  1. h)Given that the product is cold spray applied it does not become brittle like traditional hot applied products.
  1. i)The product is UV stable
  1. j) Improved Performance – its high elastomeric performance, elasticity of over 1100% and memory of over 95%, provides it with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures coupled with its adhesion means it will outperform traditional waterproofing systems.


If you would like more information on Liquid Rubber including free samples, please email your interest to